2013 in Review!

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to thank you all for your patience, interest and donations to the Creative Healing Arts Center (CHAC)! If you look through the PROGRAMS section of the website you will see some of the accomplishments that have happened with the ranch. Many things are taking shape and evolving in a very beautiful way and in my busi-ness I have realized that it is fine for me to ask for support. I don’t have to hold all of the visions for the Creative Healing Arts Center by myself. It would seem that many people I meet share a similar vision to what I hold for the CHAC. So, part of my reach in 2014 will to have help in keeping you current with what is happening on the ranch and with the CHAC. I will be having some guest writer’s on the blog and I personally promise to keep you abreast of the happenings with the PROGRAMS in particular. In other words we will be giving more energy to our communication, which in turn will signify that the CHAC is coming more and more to life every day. Talk to you again soon! Love, David

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