The Creative Healing Arts Center is an intentional community of healers, artists, environmentalists and everyday people taking a stand for this planet utilizing these guidelines:

  • Creative expression is a direct path to healing
  • We are all connected through our thoughts, intentions, actions and energy
  • Love is the greatest force in the Universe
  • We accept a Higher Power
  • We are born with an inherent right to be on this planet
  • We all have the capability to heal ourselves and thrive in life
  • Gratitude is another direct path to healing

The Creative Healing Arts Center provides a place where visitors may learn how to heal themselves with creative expression in conjunction with conscious energy exchange with the surrounding nature of the New Mexico high desert.

Positive, healing, light and love-filled messages will spiral out of the Creative Healing Arts Center to people, nature, and Mother Earth.

Educational programs with topics such as:

  • Land, water, and wildlife conservation
  • Sustainable architecture and building methods
  • Gaining a greater consciousness of life force energy exchange between humans and plants and animals to create a mutually beneficial existence on this planet
  • Creative Arts programs demonstrating this vision

The Creative Healing Art Center will take responsibility to help create harmony on this planet and beyond. The overall energy of love, creation, respect, and gratitude will be strive for at all times.  It is a spiritually based 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization and not limited to a specific religious belief. Peaceful co-existence with all things will be a requirement for visitors and participants to the Creative Healing Arts Center.

CHAC Vision

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